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Behçet Clinic Pisa

Behçet Clinic Pisa is located at the Operating Unit of Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Pisana the University Hospital in Pisa



F.A.Q. BehçetTalk

BehçetTalk is an educational and support program for patients, family members and caregivers living with Behçet’s disease. BehçetTalk is an initiative promoted by Behçet Clinic Pisa and by SIMBA – Associazione Italiana sindrome, malattia di Behçet e Behçet like – ODV, the Italian association dealing with Behçet’s e Behçet-like disease.

The BehçetTalk educational program is open to patients, family members and caregivers living with Behçet’s disease and is completely free for all participants.

The BehçetTalk educational program consists of two main pathways. The first consists of a series of online webinars that aim to address different aspects of Behçet’s disease.

The webinars will be conducted by the most prominent Italian specialists dealing with Behçet’s disease and will cover key topics, such as: quality of life, pregnancy, therapies and lifestyle, sexuality, impact of the disease on the working life, etc.
The webinars can be followed live and the recording of each webinar will be available at any time on the dedicated web page.

The second, which will take place in parallel to the first, is instead composed of a series of group support meetings coordinated by a psychologist with experience in Behçet’s disease, Dr. Arianna Manzo. These meetings will be dedicated to small groups of about 10 people each and will take place on a monthly basis for a total of 12 months.

The BehçetTalk educational program aims to create greater awareness of the disease and its impact on daily life in patients, partners, caregivers and family members living with Behçet’s disease.


Being informed and acquiring a good level of awareness helps patients live better lives with the disease, but also helps both the doctor and the patient improve the management of the disease.

To participate in BehçetTalk’s public webinars, just navigate to the Private Talk section and follow the instructions. You will need to register an account and then apply to be included into a private group. The team will decide which group you will join and you will receive an email notification once the process has been completed. Once you are in a group, you will see in the same section “Private talks” the talks you can participate in.